Folders: "My ..." versus "<named> folders"

Folders: "My ..." versus "<named> folders"

Post by Robert Lope » Wed, 18 Dec 2002 05:04:59

(New to windows and xp. Have pc less than week.)

When I unboxed pc and setup the XP registration and a
lot of other things happened. Sometime that first night
it seemed to me it was best to use personal accounts
for every family user and the shared folders for the
items of interest to more than one person. I also
created a admin account.

Question 1 of 2:
Can I now delete the "My ..." folders that exist at
the same level as the user's and admin directories?

Question 2 of 2:
How can I put some sort of links into some user's
directories so they can see the shared dirs? For example,
to put a link in a person's own "My photos" directory
to the shared' photos directory so it "looks" like the
shared photos are a sub directory of the personal


1. The "My pictures" folder and "my documents" folder

I upgraded this system from Windows 98 , to XP. In 98, I had the my
documents folder altered to c:\windows\desktop\downloads .

In XP it seems insitent in continuing to use this folder as the "my
documents" folder , despite any changed I make to the personal folder
setting under:


For the "my pictures" folder, it's using the standard, but I want to
change it (as well as the my docs) folder to c:\documents and

(ie I'll have a downloads folder on my desktop for quick and easy

Unfortunatly when I make changes to the entires under this folder, it
just changes it right back to the older entry.

How can I get the changes to 'stick'?

On another note, can I simply get XP to just use the standard dir's from
win98 for my desktop etc, as while multiple people use this computer, we
all just use the same 'login' and have no real need for a multi user
type directory structure.

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