Please help me with my fonts

Please help me with my fonts

Post by Alle » Wed, 14 May 2003 00:14:44

Somewhere along the way my ARIAL and TIMES NEW ROMAN
fonts changed throughout my computer to some funky
version in italics. When I type documents on another
computer they look and print fine but when I bring the
document to my office computer they look like they are in
italics and print that way as well.

This shows up throughout my computer on every document
and even on web pages while I am on the Internet. Why did
it suddenly change and how do I get the normal ones back?




I am having a problem which I don't quite understand.

I recently used my COMPAQ RECOVERY CD and restarted my
computer back to it's original factory settings.

Since then, when I got back on the Internet I can no
longer play on Yahoo games. ( It
gives me 4 reasons:

1) You are behind a firewall.
2) You are not connected to the internet.
3) The server is down.
4) You have a stale page in your cache.

I was connected to the Internet, the server was not down,
I have erased all of the pages in my cache, so that leads
me to one conclusion, the firewall.

Also, I have been unable to go into chatrooms, I can use
the Yahoo chatrooms, but at the start of a chatroom it
says "You cannot use Voice in this chat because you are
behind a firewall" or something very similar to that.
Some other chatrooms do not work. (,

I have not done anything to change anything as far as I
know, can someone please help me?

I have tried checking the Firewall box on my connections
in the `Advanced` tab and it still doesn't work either

Can someone tell me what I need to do, in a simple way if
you can.



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