Windows XP Registry Reference

Windows XP Registry Reference

Post by Duane Fahe » Fri, 04 Jan 2002 04:37:15

With the Windows 2000 Resource Kit there was a Registry
Reference.  I just purchased the Windows XP Resource Kit
Documentation, but it does not include a registry
reference.  Does anyone know where I can get this kind of
information, from Microsoft?

Thanks!  - Duane


1. My XP registry contains references to "Windows Media Player 7", is this normal?

I installed XP Home, clean install in a freshly formatted partition.
However, I did import the settings from my old Win98SE. I have used
WMP very little. Nothing extra installed.

XP installs Windows Media Player 8, but in my registry I see both
"Windows Media Player 7" entries and "Windows Media Player 8" entries.
Is it normal to see references to "Windows Media Player 7" in the XP

If not, I suspect the WMP7 entries were added when I imported the
settings from my old Win98SE.

If it's not normal, then is it OK if I delete the "Windows Media
Player 7" releated entries?

Thanks, Lilla

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