The UPS Service has lost contact with the UPS

The UPS Service has lost contact with the UPS

Post by JW » Sun, 28 Sep 2003 07:50:18

Have had this problem twice now: both APC Backup-Pro (one 1000, one 1100)
using serial port connection. One computer was win2k server and the other is
running winxp pro. In the latter case I tried just using the built-in
support from XP.

In both cases, I can't get the computer to recognize the UPS.



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Is my pc infected or am I going mad here?
I get pop ups on 90% of websites that I open.
Yahoo, MSN, Ebay.... etc etc etc ..
I usually get that ad pop-up for the little investigative camera ...
And it only happens when I open a new window. Upon opening Yahoo, for
example, another smaller window pops up with an add...
Does anyone else get this? How is this fixable without installing any Pop up
removal software? I am willing to re-format if needed.


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