WinXP Pro / Win98SE networked together with DSL router

WinXP Pro / Win98SE networked together with DSL router

Post by Joseph LaMonic » Wed, 01 May 2002 02:17:46


can anyone help me with networking my two machines with
the above OS on them though a Siemens Router/Switch on a
DSL line.  I also have Zone Alarm Pro 3.0 installed on
both machines.  I just want to be able to transfer files
back and forth and share a Parallel port printer
connected to the Router.  I tried the Wizard on Win XP
Pro and I found the other computer w/ Win98SE but it will
not let me access it.  It could be the Win98SE machine
that is giving me the problem.  I cant seem to get the
Network Nieghborhood to recognize the MSHOME.  I did use
the Network disk that WinXP Pro told me to make and
install on Win98SE.  I did that but still no luck.  
Note:  both machines connect to the router or hub to
share DSL line.  i didnt want to have my machine be the
passing point to use the internet for the Win98SE because
my machine is not on all the time or does it matter..

please help