problem with the explorer

problem with the explorer

Post by Ahmed AL-qamz » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 01:29:38

explorer keep clinching when i use yahoo games i have to
shot domn and start again a couble of time to get me

1. Problems with Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer

Has anyone been able to figure out how to fix a problem
with getting the message...

"Microsoft Internet Explorer has Encountered a Problem
and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I have tried downloading updates and nothing seems to
correct this problem.   One thing I did see that may be
causing this problem is....Accessories...System
Tools....System Information...Internet
Settings...Internet Explorer...File Versions, it lists
the following:

iecont.dll      <File Missing>    Not Available   Not
Available       Not Available   Not Available

iecontlc.dll    <File Missing>    Not Available   Not
Available       Not Available   Not Available

ieuinit.inf     Not Available   19 KB   8/29/2002
12:51:44 AM     C:\WINDOWS\system32     Not Available

This is what is listed for iexplore.exe
iexplore.exe    6.0.2800.1106   89 KB   8/29/2002 5:41:26
AM      C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer      Microsoft

Can anyone help?  Am I missing some dll's and if so,
where can I get them?

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