Looking for discussions on XP Pro logon configuration with NT 4.0 sp6a

Looking for discussions on XP Pro logon configuration with NT 4.0 sp6a

Post by Christopher Mut » Wed, 12 Jun 2002 11:44:54

I would like to fully understand all the logon options that XP Professional
offers within an NT 4.0 sp6a environment.

I understand that I can log on to the domain but am having problems with the
users rights being limited on the local machine.  If I log on to the local
machine then the NT logon script is not excuted...  Windows 98 allows
'windows logon' (with a stored password so that one was never asked) and
still allow for the user to be properly logged into the NT domain...  I do
not see how to do this same thing in XP Professional.

Any direction is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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I have the following DLLs installed:

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Does anyone have any ideas ?

Kind Regards,

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