Uninstall Windows XP Issue

Uninstall Windows XP Issue

Post by Vinc » Fri, 30 May 2003 15:33:36

Help! I upgraded from WIN-98 SE to XP-PRO. When I tried to
uninstall XP-PRO, I keep getting an message that reads
"Setup cannot create the folder:" It then gives me the
option to retry <ENTER> or to exit setup <F3>. So now
every time the machine reboots, it goes back to uninstall,
then to the error meesage, and over, and over and over -
no end in sight.

Any solution to this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...



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left-over registry entries. It still is a blocking issue. Symantec's online
tech support service says it's "closed".

Anybody can help me? Thanks


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