windows xp keeps refreshing

windows xp keeps refreshing

Post by Dave » Tue, 22 Apr 2003 15:04:10

Hi all...

Why does my windows xp professional keep refeshing the desktop!? it does the
same with windows xp pro on my laptop, it's weird and annoying. it keeps
refreshing it like every 5 seconds, as in flickering. If then i reboot
windows xp it then stops, then starts again in a few hours. Actually no it
doesn't do it on my laptop anymore, it used to when it had windows xp home
on. Any ideas?


1. - Help Fix the Refresh Rate Limitations in Windows XP

There is a new site up at that exposes the refresh
rate limitations in Windows XP.  The goal of the site is to get users to
contact Microsoft about them so they will eventually get fixed.   I know you
all hate getting low refresh rates in games as much as I do ;).  Please
visit the site and learn how to help get Microsoft's attention so they can
fix these refresh rate problems in future service packs and releases of

Jason Webb


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