Changing addresses

Changing addresses

Post by DC » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 05:46:04

You can add more accounts (addresses) to OE. I have 4 different addresses
that it gets my mail from. The pop3 type is the easiest to set up.
Try these links below.          DC


Changing addresses

Post by Rozinant » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 05:08:05

Hi guys.How can I change the Email address my ISP(verizon) gave me on my
outlook express? Will my old address be forwarded to my new adress?Can I
have more then one address on my outlook-x?Anyone know of a site I can visit
for this kind of info.?Many thanks.


1. Explorer address bar behavior change: address no longer "selected"


My Explorer(and internet explorer) address bars now behave differently
than before.

Previously, after entering in an address/folder (i.e. C:/), the
address in the address bar would be selected and have the focus.  This
would allow me to then immediately enter in another address (i.e.
WINDOWS) and browse to it.

Now, instead of being selected, the cursor is positioned at the start
of the address bar.  To enter in another address, I have to first
select the text by shift-end/f4/alt-d/esc.

Is this the default behavior for IE 6.0 or XP?  Is there any way to
switch the behavoir back?  The previous input behavior was much
better.  It allowed me to use IE like a shell to browse folders.

Any help would be appreciated.



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