Personalizing Taskbar

Personalizing Taskbar

Post by Leo » Fri, 23 Aug 2002 00:06:41

Hello to all,
I would like to know how to eliminate the Help and
Support link from my taskbar on the START menu on the
bottom left side.

Would also like to know how to add a personalized link
instead (maybe with a logo or icon of my oun choosing)

Please help.

Many thanks,



1. "Personalize Windows Update" doesn't personalize

I have two machines, one running W2000, the other XP, and
they both have the same problem.  After reviewing
available updates it is clear that some do not apply to
me, and they will never apply to me, and I would like to
remove them from showing up.  Personalize Windows Update,
Windows 2000 Updates, Recommended Updates, has check boxes
to deselect these from showing, as well as a checkbox
to "Display the link to the Windows Catalog Under (See
Also)"...  I check these and click on "Save Settings" and
it goes into limbo.  The greyed out button never returns,
and the setting are not saved.  Anybody have any ideas?

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