re enable dma on dvd rom

re enable dma on dvd rom

Post by George Valko » Thu, 27 May 2004 01:48:07

I have the same problem too on Windows 2003 server.
I need to find a way to prevent this from happening.

If You uninstall the controller it will be back to DMA.
See IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
  Primary or Secondary IDE Channel
You may need to restart the computer twice if the System hard disk and the
DVD are connected to the same controller.
If it doesn't ask You to restart, click the Scan for hardware changes button
and You're done.

George Valkov

Quote:> whilst saving some badly scratched cd's to my hard drive i recieved more

than 6 errors from real player saying it couldnt read the cd's. after more
than 6 errors xp diables dma for the drive and reverts to pio mode. how do i
re-enable dma on dvd rom? have tried uninstalling it, and opening driver
properties for ide bus its attched to and telling it to use dma if availabe,
but dma is still disabled. any ideas on how to sort this annoying problem
would be much appreciated

re enable dma on dvd rom

Post by George Valko » Thu, 27 May 2004 04:45:31

I am glad to help You!
And if someone tell us how can we disable the automatic change to PIO mode,
it will be just perfect! :-)
All I know that if something goes wrong durring a read operation You should
eject the disk, before It goes in PIO mode. And don't keep CDs in the drive,
when not used. :(

Good Luck!

George Valkov

Quote:> Thank you very much that sorted out the problem, much apprciated as it

saved me from buying a new drive.  was beguining to think it was faulty


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