Belkin USB 2.0 PCI Card on a Soyo Dragon Plus MoBo with onboard USB 1.1

Belkin USB 2.0 PCI Card on a Soyo Dragon Plus MoBo with onboard USB 1.1

Post by Stephen Murph » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 23:26:16

I have a Soyo Dragon Mobo with an AMB Athlon 1800+ chip.  
The Mobo is fabulous but has aging USB 1.1 technology
built in.

I recently added a Belkin 5 port (4 external 1 internal)
PCI card to it.  All seemed to work fine but then we
started getting some hard system hangs.  Most of these
occur during intense graphical, online games (like counter-
strike) but have also occured during general internet

I have burned a few DVDs during this time and there have
been no hangs then.

I went into the BIOS and disabled the 1.1 support in hopes
that it was a condfict, but it still continued to do it.

Latest drivers are installed for PCI card, MoBo and XP Sp1.

I have now removed the 2.0 card and no freezes yet.

Any suggestions or familiar problems encountered would be

Thanks in advance.



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