how to repair system files and missing taskbar + icons?

how to repair system files and missing taskbar + icons?

Post by Jac » Fri, 30 May 2003 19:44:16

i recently installed spyware sweeper and ran it to sweep spyware in my
but maybe it swept some system files too or damaged it.
i tried to 'system restore' my winxp (build 2600) to earlier dates for
a couple of times but it doesnt fix the problem: missing/frozen
taskbar, when i hit ctrl-esc to pop up 'start', the icons pictures are
missing. all of my desktop configurations changed to win2000 look.
sometimes it also shows error like 'rundll missing files' or stuff
like that

i attempted to run safe mode and create new user, but when i ran new
user, it still has the problem like missing taskbar and missing files.
can anyone tell me how to repair this problem?

thanks a bunch!


how to repair system files and missing taskbar + icons?

Post by Stev » Fri, 30 May 2003 22:18:58

I had corrupted system files before the only way to
repair those things is to reinstall Windows XP or use
Recovery consule by putting your windows XP set-up cd in
the cd-rom drive while its loading up and when it says
Press any key to boot from cd press a button. Then when
you come to the menu press r. and your their and another
thing this software is in ms-dos format and has more than
30 diffrent repair tasks so I would contact a Microsoft
Professional before doing this. The Windows XP support
Number is 425-635-3311 you get two incidents free and
35.00 per incident if you ran out. (800) 936-5700 if you
ran out.


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