Network Printing Poblems - XP Prof, Win98SE, XP Home

Network Printing Poblems - XP Prof, Win98SE, XP Home

Post by John » Sat, 11 Jan 2003 04:18:02

Network: Peer-to-peer
Local Printer OS - XP Professional
Dell Dimension 2350, 512MB RAM

Symptom: Users using Win98SE & XP Home.  When other
network users sent print requests to a Brother 1440
printer through the XP Prof local printer, only one page
is printed - DATA LED stays lit - pressing button on
printer results in only half of page 2 to print. Pages 3
forward don't print.  Printing locally from the XP Prof
works fine. All other file sharing actions work fine.

Question:  Do the guest users, configured for network
printing need a new XP driver that will allow them to
print?  Dell support was useless.  

The original configuration had the printer locally set up
on a WIN98SE computer.  All users could print, including
the laptop with XP Home.

Thanks to all who respond.


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I have a server with W2K Prof., which has a medical
documentation database software program running on it.  I
bought a laptop with XP Professional and tried installing
the program.  The tech support team at the software
company and I have had some initial problems setting up a
local database on my laptop that will allow access of all
the data when I am off network.  Normally a syncronize
function is run when the computers are reconnected.      
      I have no problem accessing the server database via
my laptop, just had problems creating a local database.  
Is this a compatability problem, or strictly an XP
issue?  The tech support team says they have had other
customers get the system up and running on XP networks
with no problems - their system also seems compatable
with all other Win op systems.  I have used it on '98 and
W2K Prof.  Copious thanks.  

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