Post by Olive » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:21:56

I updated to XP from ME and now I cannot use a dial up
connection. Dell said I had to download a driver, but
where is it to download?!Dell was useless.

1. driver, driver, where is the driver??

I have a Dell Dimension 8100, came with ME, bought the XP upgrade in Jan 02.
Installed - that was the end of my Lexmark X73, upgaded their drivers, etc.,
it worked until you shutdown, upon restart, you had to delete everything and
reload it.  Nobody at dell or Lexmark could solve step, dusted off
a old HP 692C, drivers, etc or on the XP system..plug it in to the serial
port and install it, works fine, shut the computer down and restart it ,
same problems at the before mentioned solutions from Dell again,
what is up.....Where do I go from here, its a pain having to delete and
reload everytime I go to print................Help     Chuck

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