RecordNow (by Veritas) and HP CD-writer 9700i does not work

RecordNow (by Veritas) and HP CD-writer 9700i does not work

Post by Klavs Frisda » Sat, 16 Nov 2002 17:46:32


I have just installed the RecordNow (by Veritas) from th HP support
site for the HP CD-writer 9700i. When I was running W 2000 everything
worked ok with the software that accompanied the drive but this is not
XP compatible so I downloaded the newer version of RecordNow.

I also downloaded the DLA software that enables the drive to function
af a floppo. This work fine.

However when trying to make an exact copy of a music cd the RecordNow
reads the cd, stores the image on the herddrive, performs the vrite
test and the shortly after burning like 1-2% og the disk it fails. No
reasonable errormessage is shown other that - try again...

Any ideas?



RecordNow (by Veritas) and HP CD-writer 9700i does not work

Post by Marvi » Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:20:40

Have you tried doing a copy on the fly? or using the TAO (track at once) or
disk at once options?



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Hi there,

  I am having problems burning audio CDs with my HP Cd-writer 8200 -
I'm running Windows XP and am using HP RecordNow.  I can record data
discs fine, it is just audio CDs that refuse to complete the writing
process.  RecordNow will get 50% of the way through the disc and then
come up with an "error writing disc" message and abort the operation.
If I look at the disc, it is only partially burnt (indicated by the
color variation between the burnt portion and unburnt portion).

  Its clearly not a hardware issue since I can burn data discs, so I
am curious if there are any known problems with RecordNow, WinXP, and
HP 8200 series with audio burning.  Is it possible that the drive is
trying to pull data faster than my computer is reading off the hard
drive (due to other processes or fragmentation).  Any other
suggestions for how this may be fixed?  Is there better audio
recording software out there?


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