Error message: NTLDR: Fatal Error 1 reading BOOT.ini

Error message: NTLDR: Fatal Error 1 reading BOOT.ini

Post by Pete » Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:26:09


Have you inserted any floppy disk inside the floppy drive during the start up/reboot?
If yes, eject the floppy disk and start the PC again.


     After renaming my computer name through the "My Computer" and being asked to re-boot I keep getting this message upon rebooting: "Error message: NTLDR: Fatal Error 1 reading BOOT.ini". I've tried booting from a floppy or CD ROM by selecting them in the BIOS as 1st & 2nd boot devices, but it never boots from them and it keeps giving me the same message. Any suggestions on what to try?

     This computer is a pentium II that was previously running Windows 98 and I upgraded to XP successfully and it had been working fine until I tried to change the computer name.


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