Access 2002 List Box Wizard(1st dialog box) 3rd Option missing

Access 2002 List Box Wizard(1st dialog box) 3rd Option missing

Post by Rick » Sun, 21 Jul 2002 07:37:40

When I try to insert a list box using a wizard, the 1st
dialog box that appears is not listing a 3rd option.
According to the reference book I have, there should be
an option "Find a record on my form based on the value I
selected in my list box".

Please help
Rick W.


1. Unloading List box contents from a dialog box

Hi I want to call a dialog box from both the document
class and the view class. And on the dialog box I have
a listbox control. How do I pass back the values in the
list box to the calling class?

CDialog dlg ;
        dlg.DoModal() ;
        m_name = dlg.m_name ;   // for string say

but what about dlg.m_listbox?


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