trouble with folder refresh in windows explorer

trouble with folder refresh in windows explorer

Post by Aaro » Sun, 30 Jun 2002 04:25:53

i seem to be having some trouble managing my files in
windows explorer.  for instance, when i delete a file,
the icon remains.  should i click on the icon, i
get "file does not exist" message and when i refresh the
window, the icon is gone.  so i'm guessing the file was
in fact deleted, but the window failed to register this
until i forced a refresh.  this also happens when i
rename and move files.  i've been looking through the
newsgroups and can't seem to find anything like this.

any help would be greatly appreciated.



1. Explorer Folder Window not refreshing after IE6 upgrade

I've had no problems with using my PC once I put IE6 on it except that when
I now run Windows Explorer, the left (Folders) window does not refresh
unless I close Explorer Down and re-open it.

When I say won't refresh, I mean, if you delete a folder, it disappears in
the Right window, but not the left one.

I'm running W2K SP2, with 512MB Ram, on a PIII-960 (o/c 800).

One other thing I've noticed is that I have a Zip drive with the latest
drivers installed.
In the Right window the Zip Drive is displayed correctly, with the Zip Disk
Icon, but in the left window it just says "Removable Disk"

Very strange that this should occur only after upgrading to IE6, when my
previous version 5.5SP2 ran flawlessly.

Any suggestions?

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