xp-pro IIS configuration help please :)

xp-pro IIS configuration help please :)

Post by darlen » Mon, 06 May 2002 17:21:40

This is a really long URL I know but it's a great
newsgroup area for the IIS.  I'm sure you could find lots
of good info here and get most any question answered.  
I'm guessing you'll have plenty more questions the more
you play around with the IIS.
Hope it helps and don't forget the "s" at the end. :-)


Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>sorry for the post. i found it.

>i installed the IIS snaping from the microsoft
>console (start/run "mmc.exe")and that put the
>administrative tools in the start menus and i can now
>config the ftp server that way i want.


>>-----Original Message-----
>>i am having problems configuring IIS services on xp-
>>i installed IIS 5.1 fine and ftp and smtp are active
>>default settings.

>>i can ftp with anonymous with no problem but i want to
>>visit all security/access settings for the ftp server.
>>for instance, i want to add new users to the ftp server
>>or perhaps enable "PUT/write" access to the ftp server
>>for an incoming directory for example. i can make an
>>incoming directory in the ftproot directory, but how do
>>check out the security/access for that incoming
>>(enable write access to it).

>>from some of the help searches i checked out it looks
>>like there should be a start/programs/administrative
>>tools area which looks like it should have some of this
>>functionality but i don't have that in my
>>menu. again, i installed IIS completely and I can
>>anonymous into the ftp server.

>>i am also curious where to configure the smtp server. i
>>want to configure the server policies (access/user
>>and can't find where to do that.

>>if anyone can point me in the right direction, it would
>>be appreciated. i can't findgood documentation on
>>or the msft support web.