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  Nico, I empathize with you and it's frustrating to see so many posts
relating to Dvd and Cdrw drives. What
  worked for me personally was uninstalling the Secondary IDE channel and
letting XP reinstall it. But it seems that has only been a temporary
solution and after awhile the problem recurs.  Is it buggy Windows
 Updates, the burn Software we're using ( Nero, EzCD etc ) quirky IDE
Busmaster drivers Via or Nvidia
  or a combination of things, your guess is as good as mine.  Look at the
problems people are having with
   USB devices which are suppose to be as simple as plugging in a Toaster.
I still havent figured out how
   to get my USB HP Scanner to work from another Users Profile. If you could
help me with that I would be

Quote:> Both my Samsung CD-RW and my Sony DVD Drive worked perfectly for a while

after I first installed Win XP S/P 1. Then suddenly both mysteriously
developed the following quirk:

> If I boot up normally, with no media present in the drives, they refuse to

read the data on any CD (music or data). XP does see the drives, as they are
recognised as a CD-RW and DVD drive respectively. However, the moment I put
a CD in either one, the designation in Explorer changes to "CD Drive"
instead of CD-RW or DVD Drive. They would now refuse to read data on the
CD's and they refuse auto play also. When I click on either one in explorer,
they do not spin up at all, and no data is displayed. If Nero is opened, the
CD-RW sees the CD as empty, and it requests whether or not the user wishes
to save data to it. (Both are set to auto play in My Computer and the
designation in the registry
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrom) is set to (1).

> If, I boot up to safe mode however, both would read any CD. Obviously

music CD's then do not play, as the correct sound card driver has not been

> If I place CD's in the drives first, and then boot up, both read data on

the CD's as normal. They also continue as normal when I swap CD's, no

> Obviously this is a very perplexing and frustrating problem, and I found

it very difficult to isolate either the cause of this problem or the fix.
Although there are scores of users with related problems who posted on this
forum over the last few weeks alone, none of the proposed solutions that I
came across worked in my case. I found many identical responses to this
problem from Rich Barry. He actually seems to be physically connected to his
PC, just monotonously pasting the same answer over and over. I did uninstall
the drivers and allowed XP to detect the drives again after rebooting as he
suggests, but it makes no difference. Rich would leave us all much richer if
he would rather refrain from posting this solution.

> So I took a day off from work and decided to format partition 1 and

reinstall Windoze and all my software systematically for the FOURTH time in
an attempt to try and isolate the cause of this problem.

> After formatting and reinstalling XP, I rebooted and tested both drives.

They both worked perfectly. I then started installing all the required
drivers one by one, after each installation rebooting and testing the
drives. Everything still fine. Then I installed Nero Burn 6.0 before any
other software, because I reasoned that it might possibly interfere with
Windoze. However, still no problem. Then I installed all other software,
after each installation rebooting and testing (took me all day!) Still no
problem. Then I installed a UFDS utility that is used to split my 128 Mb USB
2, SAHARA flash drive into a private and public partition. Again I tested,
still no problem.

> Then I found the cause! I disconnected the flash drive and booted up. THE

PROBLEM REAPPEARED. I've now tested this several times. If I connect the
flash drive BEFORE I reboot, both the CD-RW and DVD drives read the inserted
media fine. If I boot up without connecting the flash drive first, they do
not read the media at all after a CD is inserted.

> NOTE 1:
> If I insert CD's in the drives before booting up, but not the flash drive,

the drives also read the CD's fine.

> NOTE 2:
> I have two flash drives - an older 16MB USB 1 drive and a 128 MB USB 2

drive. If I connect the USB 1 drive before booting up, the problem is still
in evidence. It is only when I connect the USB 2 drive before booting up
that the CD's work properly.

> Now I believe I am a step closer to the problems of probably most people

with related CD problems on this forum. However, I still do not have the
final fix, just a 16th century getting around the problem solution. Most
probably this has to do with the way in which XP allocates drive letters to
the different drives, I don't know, but since I am just an average user, not
an expert, it would take me some more time off from work to figure this out.

> I would now really appreciate it if Microsoft would apply their minds to

this problem and come up with a solution. I've read a reply on this forum
from presumably a Microsoft engineer (so assumed because he responds very
regularly, and seemingly with authority, to queries on this forum) wherein
he came across quite patronizing and sarcastic in his response to a
frustrated user. I my opinion he (they) (Microsoft) should maybe maintain a
lower profile on this matter, and rather be sympathetic towards people who
did pay (in my opinion) an exorbitant price for an operating system that is
not working properly. (This problem does not occur in Win 98 as far as I'm

> If someone could please propose a solution to this matter, other than

suggesting that I should uninstall the drivers and allow XP to detect the
drives again after rebooting, I would really appreciate it.

> Thanks.
> Nico Smith