"Desktop" tab in Display Properties has disappeared........

"Desktop" tab in Display Properties has disappeared........

Post by Kraker » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:47:28

Dell Dimension 8200 with XP Home Edition
Has worked fine for over 9 months.
One user.  Use automatic login.
Have lots of space and memory.
I update and scan with Norton weekly.
Temp and Internet Files are kept cleaned out.

Problem 1:
Two weeks ago, after a reboot, my regular wallpaper was gone
and replaced with the bliss.bmp wallpaper.  When I checked the
Display Properties, the "desktop" tab was no longer there.
The other tabs worked fine. (Themes, Screensaver, Appearance,
Settings.....though the "Wait__min." is greyed out under Screensaver)
I looked in the c:\windows\web\wallpaper folder.  The images
are there, but all are now jpg's except for the bliss.bmp.
In C:\WINDOWS they show as bmp's.

I tried System Restore.  Results said "Restore incomplete.
No settings were changed".
Tried the sfc /scannow with no results.

Problem 2:
In windows under Tools...Folder Options...General Tab.
"Show Common Tasks In Folders" and the "single Click" options
are grayed out.  If I click on "Restore Defaults" windows will
select the grayed out "Show Common...." but when I apply and ok,
it changes back to "Use Windows classic folders".
(In Display Properties I have the Windows XP theme chosen)

I'd appreciate any help you can give me or links to info.


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Pedro B. Morales

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