slow bootup

slow bootup

Post by Prakas » Sat, 27 Jul 2002 21:13:31

Try this!

Windows XP collects information about how you use your
appliactions, then rearranges your disk every 3 days to
make it more efficient. You can force it to optimise
straight away by running Bootvis, running the command line
Disk Defragmenter (Start, Run, DEFRAG C: -B) or by
choosing Start, Run and typing RUNDLL32.EXE ADVAPI32.DLL,
PROCESSIDLETASKS to optimise without doing an analysis or


Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>My bootup has slowed down considerably.  I tried using
>Bootvis which worked last time.  It does not change much
>now.  Any suggestions?


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I am running a Panasonic 52x CDROM and a Yamaha 16X10X40 CDROM Burner. XP
will not reconized either of them. I have tried loading each one seperately
without the other installed and still no success. Can anyone help?
Also, what's up with the slow bootups. I am using XP Pro. AMD Athlon 800
with 256 MB memory. I have Win98 on one partition and XP on the other.
Again, can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
Please email solutions to me at:

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