"Add/Remove Windows components" give "Copy Error"

"Add/Remove Windows components" give "Copy Error"

Post by Jason Melanco » Fri, 19 Jul 2002 03:45:12

I want to install fax support in my new Windows XP Pro, and uninstall
MSN, which I haven't set up and don't plan on using.  I go to
Add/Remove Windows components, check/uncheck seemingly *anything at
all*, and click next, and the progress bar gets half way and gives an
error.  It says "Setup cannot copy the file" foo.  The Official
Windows XP CD-ROM is exactly where the dialog wants it to be, and the
file is indeed there.  I can copy the file to a hard drive directory,
redirect the error dialog to the hard drive copy I just made, and it
still gives the same error.  

One strange thing I notice is that, if I select "browse," and it shows
the directory it's currently looking in, there's a greyed-out dropdown
for "files of type:".  In this dropdown, the filename appears twice,
like so:  "Files of type: zClientm.ex_;zClientm.ex_"

I have the sinking feeling that I caused this.  I wanted to relocate
my CD-ROM drives out of the way of my hard drives so that, when I add
hard drives, the CD-ROM drive letters aren't forever getting
reassigned.  So I did that within windows via the Disk Management
screen from the Control Panel.  I then used Partition Magic's
DriveMapper tool to replace references to the old D: drive with Q:,
the CD-ROM drive's new location.  I told it to let me review the
changes, and I noticed a bunch of INF files it wanted to change.  Then
I told it to go ahead.

Anyway, how can I fix the problem?

Jason Melancon

Jason Melancon


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may help.  That error sounds like your CD burner isn't compatible with

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