Locked pages

Locked pages

Post by <topd.. » Tue, 27 May 2003 17:59:37

Computer shuts down,message : "Process has locked pages"
and advises to "disable BIOS memory options such catching
or shadowing "
How do you do this ?
Thanks .

Locked pages

Post by Pete » Tue, 27 May 2003 18:16:27


Boot into BIOS and load default setting, then save and


Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>Computer shuts down,message : "Process has locked pages"
>and advises to "disable BIOS memory options such catching
>or shadowing "
>How do you do this ?
>Thanks .


1. Page Fault on Locked Pages ?

Is it possible to have a page fault when accessing, for reading, a
range of locked pages?

I use LockPages to lock a range of pages (I have tried even with only
one page) but it seems the access may generate page faults under some
I understand lock should prevent kernel to remove a range of pages
from its page tables, and LockPages should commit the requested range
of pages. However it seems it is still possible to get a page fault.

I pressume commited pages should have associated physical pages.
Am I wrong perhaps ?

Has this behaviour any reasonable explanation ?
I am using an ARM SA1100 board.


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