CD not accessable

CD not accessable

Post by Donn » Tue, 07 May 2002 03:34:43

I have a new HP Omnibook, a Samsung CD.  I attached a
Iomega Zip650 external CD writer.  I added software for
writer and had problems.  Went to the web, got the
updates. After copying a CD, my computer does not see my
internal CD.  When I click on the icon it says D drive not
accessable, wrong function.  Anyone know what happened?

CD not accessable

Post by Care » Tue, 07 May 2002 03:39:55

Go to and click on "Win XP Fixes" and then "Restore CD/DVD Drives
to Explorer".

Carey Frisch (USA)


1. CD RW is there, but not accessable

I have re installed xp home 3 times to get this to work.  
Everything was working fine before I reinstalled.  I have
a p4 with 850GB intel mobo. Acer 1832A CDRW.  Im using XP
version and lates update to EZCD by roxio.  I have
flashed my bios to the lastest and formated the hard
drive every time before doing fresh install of xp.  Here
is what I have:
After intalling direct cd:
cd shows up on device manager
cd shows up on my computer
shows up on computer managment
Device type says: DVD/CD ROM drives working properly
Driver Microsoft 7/1/2001  5.1.2535.0
direct cd icon is active in the task bar.
however nothing says CDRW.  All listing show as a CD.
I also have a DVD drive by hitachi? It works fine through
all my problems.
Here is the problems i have reguardless of all the
indications that its there:
I put a store bought game (several) in the cdrw drive.  
Also a burned (closed cdrw) and formated cdr:
My computer show the drive letter, but noting there  for
size, cannot open the dive when I select it.  Says insert
disk into drive
Its still listed on divice manager.
Comuter management shows the drive there, but "no media"
is displayed and under properties says no conflicts.
Using direct cd, it says cd not ready, wether its a cdrw
or closed or store bought game.
I dont know what to look for or try next.  Ive formated
and reloaded many times with no luck.  Any suggestions?

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