Internet Connection Sharing Issues

Internet Connection Sharing Issues

Post by Andy Carvel » Mon, 15 Apr 2002 23:35:34


I have internet connection sharing set up on my home network.  A windows XP
computer is the host, I have a 98 and another windows XP machine as clients.

Viewing most websites from the client computer is fine, but certain ones ( , , i am sure there are more) do not
load at all, it says "website found, waiting for reply" and doesn't do
anything.  It is wierd because it is only with certain sites.  I have tried
it with different ISP's, same problem.

Thanks very much in advance



1. Internet Connection Sharing Issue

I have a situation whci I cannot figure out and I'm hoping that
someone here might know the answer, or at least have some clues as to
where to look.

A friend has setup a network in his home consisting of two (2)
machines.   The first is a WinXP box that is connected by dialup to
the outside world and is set to share the connection (ICS).   The
other is a Win 98 2nd Ed  box.  The TCP/IP setup is as per;EN-US;q309642&GSSNB=1
ie: static ips on both boxes, etc ...

The problem is that whenever the win98 box is attached to the network,
the XP box dials out for what seems to be no reason.  If the Win 98
box is disconnected form the network,  this DOESN'T occur.  We have
checked both boxes for programs that might be casuing the activity,
viruses, etc....  Have also doublke checked the setup including the
hosts file t make sure there are no spelling mistakes.....



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