security alert

security alert

Post by bobb » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 00:40:42

I need help, everytime I go to buy tickets or banking, it
flashes security alert . I t does not let me go in. Even
when I click ok. How do I get this off my computer.
Im not a computer genius, so I dont understand the

1. Security alert - media player (unchecked buffer)

Title: Windows Media Player .NSC Processor Contains Unchecked


Date: 26 July 2001

Software: Windows Media Player 6.4, 7, and 7.1

Impact: Run code of attacker's choice.

Bulletin: MS01-042

Microsoft encourages customers to review the Security Bulletin at:

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------



Windows Media Player provides support for audio and video streaming.

Streaming media channels can be configured by using Windows Media

Station (.NSC) files. An unchecked buffer exists in the functionality used
to process Windows Media Station files. This unchecked buffer

could potentially allow an attacker to run code of his choice on the

machine of another user. The attacker could either send a specially

malformed file to another user and entice her to run or preview it, or

he could host such a file on a web site and cause it to launch

automatically whenever a user visited the site. The code could take any
action on the machine that the legitimate user himself could take.

Mitigating Factors:


- Customers who have applied the Outlook E-mail Security Update

(OESU) for Outlook 2000 or are running Outlook XP, which has the

OESU functionality built-in, are automatically protected against

HTML e-mail based attempts to exploit this vulnerability.

- For others not in the above categories, the attacker would have to

entice the potential victim to visit a web site he controlled, or to

open an HTML e-mail he had sent.

- The attacker would need to know the specific operating system that

the user was running in order to tailor the attack code properly; if

the attacker made an incorrect guess about the user's operating

system platform, the attack would crash the user's Windows Media

Player session, but not run code of the attacker's choice.

Patch Availability:


- A patch is available to fix this vulnerability. Please read the

Security Bulletin

for information on obtaining this patch.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Allen Harkleroad
Microsoft MVP - Windows 2000, Networking, IE and Office

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