Xp/2K Dual boot - Boot Loader Edit/Repair Help Please?

Xp/2K Dual boot - Boot Loader Edit/Repair Help Please?

Post by <mushroom> » Wed, 06 Nov 2002 04:42:43

Can any one help please....???
I have recently switched from a dual boot 98 / 2000 set up to a 2000 / XP
set up.
The 98/2000 worked fine but the 2000/XP is giving me headaches!!!
I installed Xp from disk to a seperate partition (NTFS) .... The problem is
that i no longer have the option to boot into 2000.....
If i reinstall 2000 i loose the option to boot into XP!
At the moment the situation is that i only have the option to boot into XP
(ie No 2000)

Is there a way to manually edit / alter the boot loader to give the option
to boot into either operating system?

I have read the advice at http://www.dougknox.com but this seems to be
repairing the boot loader when XP is not available....

If anyone could offer any advice / links / tips I would be very grateful




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current XP partition-then create new partition. It has an error each
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even boot  until I boot from XP CD and do Fixboot to restore it.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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