can't access "windows explorer" , "my computer", "control panel"

can't access "windows explorer" , "my computer", "control panel"

Post by Sand » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 03:50:40

I have been running WindowsXp for months. Downloaded
critical updated yesterday. and today I get error message
when trying to get "windows explorer" , "my
computer", "control panel"  Error says "Internet Explorer
has error"  
I did system restore to yesterday but still get errors.
I can obviously get on the internet and send email.
Runnning Internet Explorer Version 6.0

1. "My Computer", "Control Panel", and "Trash Bin" error.

Whenever I try to open either "My Computer", "Control
Panel", or "Trash Bin"  I get a pop up error
saying, "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and
needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.".  
Than if I try to open one of the 3 listed again, it opens
just fine.  But if I wait long enough to try and open it will give me the same error.  Its a really
annoying error it will give me the little pop up
error...than asks me to "Send Error Report" or "Don't
Send".  Than after I click one of the two it flashes an
old background image and acts like its loading my new
background again.  Its weird.  Any help would be
appreciated...please send any replys to


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