explorer 6.0 won't load gifs

explorer 6.0 won't load gifs

Post by Tom » Thu, 07 Nov 2002 04:51:27

Explorer 6.0  with SP1 now won't load gifs,and some times jpgs. I hit
refresh and they will load . I hope that some one can tell me how to fix

explorer 6.0 won't load gifs

Post by Tom » Thu, 07 Nov 2002 04:56:56

I have done a complete reinstall on explorer too. Still know luck.


1. Udated to 6.0 and Explorer won't load

I went to the Microsoft web site and downloaded the the
6.0 and then the critical updates as suggested. Now I get
no further than a message that says Explorer has preformed
an Illegal operation and will be shut down. I click on the
button and get a blue screen, if I then press the Windows
button I get a Kernel 32 error button and it hangs. I've
tried starting in Safe Mode and Safe Mode/command Prompt
but get no further, even if I restore the resistry to
yesterday when everything worked fine. I'm very, very
hesitant to start messing with the registery. It would be
nice to have some more information this and how to delete
the IE 6.0 and restore to 5.5 when I can't get to
Add/Remove Programs.

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