sound blaster 16.. cannot start (code 10)

sound blaster 16.. cannot start (code 10)

Post by bria » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 12:19:23

I recently upgraded to windows xp, and my sound card
(sound blaster 16) will not work, i made sure i installed
the correct driver provided by xp, and it says theres no
conflicts, then says "driver cannot start. (code 10)". i
was wondering if someone could help me on how to solve my

1. Upgrade from Sound Blaster 16 to Sound Blaster Live!

It's time to upgrade to Sound Blaster Live! and so I purchesed the card.
I read somewhere that to completely uninstall the previous drivers ( the
ones for the  SB16 ) and to better prepare the pc for the new sound card
you should erase inside the autoexec.bat file the lines which refer to
the old audio card (sb16 in my case ) Is that true? Thanks in advance

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