NT on-access scanner

NT on-access scanner

Post by Georgia Ewin » Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:14:56

Every time I rturn on my computer I get a message that
says --the NT on-accesss scanner service has encountered
a problem and needs to close. What does this mean and
what do I do to fix it?

1. NT ON-Access Scanner Service error

Recently, upon booting up Windows XP-Home Edition, there
is a long clocking period, followed by an error message
titled NT ON-Access Scanner Service. The text refers to a
encountering a problem and must shut down. I attempt to
send a report, but the process is incomplete. The rport
reads; Error Signature:  sz App Name:  mcshield.exe sz
App Ver 6.00.10 sz Mod Name: Kernel32dl sz Mod Ver: offset.02000d756.... My attempts to contact
Sony and Microsoft for help, have been unfortanate at
best.....Please help a distressed Windows user......

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