Increasing processor resources for a program

Increasing processor resources for a program

Post by Josh S » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:24:45


Microsoft Knowledge Base article 308417 says:

"System processing is managed by Windows, which can
allocate tasks between processors, as well as manage
multiple processes on a single processor. However, you can
set Windows to allocate more processor time to the program
that you are currently running. This can result in faster
program response time. Or, if you have background programs
such as printing or disk backup that you want to run while
you work, you can have Windows share processor resources
equally between background and foreground programs."

When I go into Control Panel > System > Advanced >
Performance Settings, I only see two radio buttons giving
me the option to either allocate more processor resources
to foreground programs, or to background programs. I am
logged in as the administrator.

Is there a way to actually choose a program to give more
processor resources too when the program is running? If
so, can anyone explain how to do it please?

Josh S.


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