adding new hardware - resources

adding new hardware - resources

Post by Kimb » Fri, 21 Jun 2002 22:33:35

I have recently upgraded to windows XP, and have tried to
install my Casio GZ-500 keyboard. It was no problem on my
old pc, but on my new one, it says that there are not
enough free resources to enable it and that i would have
to disable another device. I've tried everything,
changing I/O ports, but nothing is working. Can anybody
help me?

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When I select either of these icons through Control
panel, my computer freezes up.  It seems my brand new
DELL was not factory checked and the technical support
has made several suggestions, non of which worked. They
are now telling me to format my hard drive and start over
which I want to avoid if I can.  One of the ideas they
had was to do a repair install.  However, going through
the process, I am asked for administrator password.  
There is none, but it would not accept 'enter' as the
password. I followed the instructions to create an
administrator password and that didnt work.  I also tried
resetting all passwords and that didnt work either.  Does
anyone have any suggestions on what to try for a
password, or what another option may be?
Thank you

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