GeneLink 1.13A usb file transfer problem

GeneLink 1.13A usb file transfer problem

Post by poipoi.. » Sun, 18 Jun 2006 10:45:54


i have a problem connecting two pc-s with this usb cable in win xp.
It connects sometimes and works fine but often it dont resolve the
remote desktop files.

Please report any usable older drivers (with link) or any suggestions.




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Hi, all:

I did a search on already but can't find any answer
for my problem. I got a generic usb to usb file transfer cable
(brandname: Archeon, product#: YC-100d, made in China) and it was
working fine when I try to connect my office PC (Windows 2000) and my
laptop (Win98). In this setting, I'm using the driver from the
included CDROM, and the included software called "genelink" is version
1.08A. But when I use my home PC (Windows XP Pro) with this cable, as
the CDROM has a XP version of driver, so I installed it, but for some
reason when I use the genelink (something similar to LapLink, included
in the CDROM) software to connect my laptop (Win98) with my home PC
(XP Pro), it will NOT work. Why is that? The only thing that I can
think of is that maybe the genelink for XP version is 1.11A while the
genelink for both Win98 and Win2000 is 1.08A, and since the version#
is different, so maybe that matters... does anyone has similar problem
right now? Any solution? I did a search on but can't find
any tech support Web site of this company, any help would be highly

Thanks again!

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