Windows XP tries to load scanner that is already loaded

Windows XP tries to load scanner that is already loaded

Post by Jim » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 08:58:55

I am having a problem with windows XP trying over and
over to load a AGFA Studioscan IIsi Scanner that is
already loaded and working.  Every time I try to cancel
the autoload feature, it will just try it again.  Is
there any way to turn off the auto load feature in
windows XP?

1. I loaded win2k and my viper 330 goes blank when windows tries to load

My computer works correctly on winxp but I installed win2k and just before windows loads compleatly the screen goes blank.
THe Graphic card is a diamond viper 330 PCI. I tried to lg in to vga mode, and windows does boot, then I remove the driver from the device manager and reboot,
then windows loads and find the driver for the card (viper330) and I can work ok after Increase the resolution, but If I reboot the screen is blank again!!!

this is VERY STRANGE!!!! could it be perhaps my via motherboard?

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