Questions about a VPN

Questions about a VPN

Post by Mike » Tue, 19 Mar 2002 00:51:52

Trying to set up a VPN network between some buddies of
mine.  We all have DSL connections and can connect to
eachother fine but we cant both see eachothers files.  
Whoever the client is can see the servers files but the
server cant see the clients files.  Sometimes for some
reason we can both see eachothers files but can't figure
out what causes this.  If someone knows whats causing this
please post here or send me an e-mail.  Thanks



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hi there,

three points...

1) my friend and I would like to share files remotely. we've both got adsl.
I've created an incoming VPN connection, but I don't wan't him to be able to
access the files on the other machines in my network.

2)A further point to this is that I would still like to allow my home
network users to access files in the same way they have by simply sharing,
but I would like my friend on the vpn connection only to be allowed access
to a single folder.

3)Also, I would like to be able to view his files and his network too. is he
suppose to create a server too?

any help would be much appreciated.

thank you,

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