Remote-Access a Clients Registry, access denied problem

Remote-Access a Clients Registry, access denied problem

Post by Uwe Ludwi » Sun, 03 Mar 2002 22:12:53

A Client of my local network does not arrive any longer up to the log on
screen, because I changed into the Registry the boot DEVICE (from drive
letter F to C). solution shouldt be remote accessed  the Clients Registry.

By use

net \\client name\IPC$ / user:administrator *

I make the connection, so that I can use regedit.exe or regedt32.exe and "
Connect Network Registry... ". I can see the Registry of the Client in the
tree structure. Then unfortunately I have however none access, I receive the
message "You do not have permission to view the current permission settings
fpr HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, but you make permission changes" While trying to
change the permissions I receive the message " ACCESS denied ".


1. Really strange profile problem (access denied! access denied!)

I had a really strange problem yesterday with windows xp (I have since
reinstalled xp from scratch with a clean format) and I was wondering if I
could get other user input on this one:

I was in the middle of installing empire earth when something choked (either
the cd or the drive itself). Everything locked up and the only thing i could
do was a hard reboot.
Then once I got back into winxp, everything except for the default admin
account and my normal use admin account could login. The limited user
accounts couldn't log in, nor could the network service or the local service
accounts (the services that use these to log on got "access denied" and was
recorded in the event viewer).
So i deleted ntuser.dat for the limited user account, and tried to login
again, same deal: Access denied.
I deleted the user completely, created a new limited user account and the
user picture was just an "x" (like the ones you get when you view a webpage
with a broken pic link). I tried changing the pic from my admin account and
also got an "access is denied" when i tried to apply it. I tried using one
of my own pics somewhere else instead, and nothing showed up (just the same
Anyhow, I checked the disk permissions (which I didn't touch) and it all
seemed in order.
One other thing I tried was looking at wmi properties in computer
management. it said i couldn't show me because 2 of the 4 (I think) services
couldn't start due to.... you guessed it! Access denied stuff again.
I even tried deleting the wmi repository but had exactly the same issue.
I then tried a windows repair and it was still the same (so it couldn't have
been a system file somewhere, since windows replaces them. The only common
denominators are the registry and the profiles).
So does anyone have any idea what actually happened to the whole


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