Post by dann » Tue, 26 Mar 2002 13:09:15

Having problems unlocking the taskbar.  Tried several
times using the taskbar & start menu approch but even
after I check unlock taskbar, apply & ok, it still
remains lock. Even right click on the taskbar, then click
on the lock the taskbar properties does not do anything.
Can someone help me out?

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    I know I have seen this posting before, but can't seem to find it or any
related postings. No matter what machine I use, all my machines with XP Pro
SP1 with all updates occasionally have taskbar hover dialog messages hidden
behind the taskbar. e.g. hovering the cursor over the time in the system
tray displays the date in a dialog box hidden behind the taskbar such that
it can only be partially seen.

Any fixes for this?


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