PCMCI - USB 2.0 & USB 2.0 external hard

PCMCI - USB 2.0 & USB 2.0 external hard

Post by Mariner » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 00:39:35

Dear, Sirs!
 I have the problem with External Case for 3.5" hard disks using USB 2.0
(model Chronos HD-337-U2). I have no USB 2.0 in my laptop only USB, so I had
to buy PCMCI - USB 2.0 card model: UB 200  from ARGOCY (www.arcocy.nl).
PCMCI drivers were installed by me as described in users manual, i.e. after
installation I had upgraded drivers for USB 2.0 Root Hub device & Card Bus
to USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller. When I was using External Case via USB
1.1 hard drive was visible and I could read & write any files on it, after
installation PCMCI - USB 2.0 card and after connection External Case via USB
2.0 I hade encontered the problem my PC asking the hard (red LED is lighting
on the External Case), but then some frizing with RED LED and External
Storage divice disapeared from dialog box for safety removing any external
divices, and from "My computer". After restarting the computer files or
folders wich were tried to be accessed lost. After some such actions after
rebooting I found that all my external hard (120 Gb) was not formated and
all info was lost. Please help me to dicide my problem. Thanks in advance!

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I have recently installed an external freecom 160gb hdd to my laptop. I am
running XP with sp2.

My laptop has 3 usb 2.0 slots of which the enhanced usb drivers are installed.

When i plug in my hard disk in get the error message

"this usb device can perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed usb 2.0

If you click the baloon it takes you to a screen that showws you a list-
which looks like:

  + SiS PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller
               + USB Root Hub (6 ports)
                          Unused Port
                          Unused Port
                          Unused Port
                          Unused Port
                          Unused Port
                          Unused Port

AsI said earlier I have 3 physical ports not 6! and they are all saying
unused- but the keyboard I am typing this on and the mouse i am using are
both plugged in?

The device manager shows no problem with any devices!

I flattened my PC, and reinstalled everything agin and its still not
working! The hard drive works perfectly fine in usb 1.1 though!

Note: originally the ports worked fine!

Whats the problem? Could it be a hardware fault?

 someone please help! its driving me nuts!

Many thanks for your time


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