XP bad image error

XP bad image error

Post by ajm » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 07:55:34

XP boots just as it's about to start i get a STOP 00000
bad image error and the system restarts

any ideas


1. Please help: Upgrade to XP pro (from home) gone bad, bad bad

I was upgrading from xp home to xp professional, and I
have no clue on what the heck happened.

1. Rather than an upgrade, i have dual boot options (xp
pro and xp home)
2. when i go to xp pro, it goes to a blue screen and
shuts down. i attempt to re-upgrade, but it always shuts
down.  i don't get an error message or funky error

when i go to xp home, things are screwed up.  i can't fix
my screen resolution to 1024 x (whatever).  its stuck on
800X600 and i can't barely see a thing.

i actually created a restore point prior to upgrading it,
and when i went to restore to that point, it was not

i called microsoft support and they are conveniently not
there on a friday night...but i conveniently spend
hundreds of dollars on this upgrade that is an upgrade
from hell.

please...i need help :)

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