remote access connection manager fails with access is denied

remote access connection manager fails with access is denied

Post by Cornel Hugh » Sat, 14 Sep 2002 00:52:49

i recently upgraded my xp home with sp1 to xp pro, however every time
my computer starts, the event log shows "remote access connection
manager fails with  access is denied"  When I try to access the
internet using my modem I can't, my ISP icon no longer exist. When I
try to create one, I can't because I am not offeed the option to
create a connection using my modem

I can query the modem in diagnostic. I have also ensured that system
has full control on my temp directory.

Can anyone point out what I can do to fix this and I did install sp1
but that was done when i was using xp home


1. Remote Access Connection Manager - access denied

I've got a LAN connection to the internet, and I've got a 56k modem
installed and configured that I'd like to use as a backup connection for
those times when I lose the cable connection.

I'm using XP Pro, logged in with Adminstrative privledges.

When I try to add a connection in the Internet Options/Connections window, I
get an error 711 message - which tells me I need to make sure the Plug &
Play, and Remote Access Connetion Manager services are running.

In the Services window, Plug & Play is started automatically, but the RACM
will not start.  When I attempt to start it I get Error 5, access denied.

Does anyone know how to get access to the RACM?


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