JVC DV- cam as a webcam?

JVC DV- cam as a webcam?

Post by Jan » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 23:27:12

I need some help with this one;
I have a jvc grdvl100 camera and a Firewire card, and i want to use this one
instead of bying a *.

Is there a way to use a DV-cam (through FireWire) as a *?
I've also tried to use it as a camera in videoconference, without any luck..
Any ideas how to make this work?

Best Regards


1. SP1 Fixes old JVC DV Cam IEEE problems

It appears to me that SP1 fixes old JVC camera problems.

My DVL9000E connected perfectly. I have had so much touble with this. I was
forcing XP to use W2K drivers.
It never worked quite right or for very long.

Now it is recognised straight away as a JVC DV Cam. All device control works

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