Madden 2002 Setup: Missing "setup.cfg" file - worked fine last season!

Madden 2002 Setup: Missing "setup.cfg" file - worked fine last season!

Post by Jon B » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:06:55


When I try to install Madden 2002 on my XP computer, I get the message:

    Internal Failure
    Error Number: 0x80040707
    Required installation file missing or corrupted.(setup.cfg)

I tried the same install on my wife's computer (win98se) and it worked fine,
so I don't think it's the disk.  Any ideas?  The install worked fine last



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I tried installing XP and ended up trashing my system.  Thank g*d for ghost.
When I tried to use the upgrade setup on XP (from Win2K SP2) it runs like
everything is fine and when it reboots it does the nice new Windows splash
screen then nothing.  I then tried formatting the drive and doing a clean
install, still no luck.  When setup gets to the "Setup is starting Windows"
it hangs.  "FOREVER!" I have already installed XP on 2 other machines (Yes
we are Cert Partners and get all the bugs first, "Go figure") and it runs
fine.  I have a 1.4 GHz Athlon, 512 MB Ram, Epox 8KTA3 motherboard Bios
dated 09/06/2001, GEForce2 video card, a IBM 60 GB HD, Soundblaster 512, a
DVD player, and CDRW.  Anyone have any ideas.

Rick Toner

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