TEAC DW-548D combo drive problem

TEAC DW-548D combo drive problem

Post by Raja » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 23:17:24

Hi everybody

I have a TEAC DW-548D combo drive. Some disks(DVD/CD) works very fine
but others do not. Some disks with data it shows as empty. Same disks
after inserting second time it shows with real data. During the burning
process it shows as it is burning. At the end it says burning was
successfull but data is not written on the disc.
I have only one drive but in the device manager under DVD/CD-ROM drives
it shows me two drives as:
Location: Location 1 (1)
Region: Region 2
Remaining changes 4
FB9595C DZE472L SCSI CD-Rom device
Location: Bus Number 0, Target ID 0
Region: Not selected
Remaining changes 5

In the event viewer there are tons of messages with "CDRom has a bad
block" or "An error was detected on device \Device\CDRom0 during a
paging operation", but the same discs work very well on other

I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled.
Updated firmware.

I am using WinXP SP2.

Does anybody know the solution?

Thanks in advance


1. Need help with Combo TEAC DW-548D problems. Please

Hi everybody
I have Combo TEAC DW-548D. Most audio CD's and some video CD's it reads
without a problem but most video CD' it does not read. When burning
through winxp default burner, it shows that it is burning and at the
end it says that the burning was successfull but actually nothing
appears on the CD's. Nero does not see the device.
In event viewer there are errors that CD has bad blocks or some about
paging duration, but the same CD's plays very well on my second PC and
also on friend's computer.
Sometimes, when I insert a video CD and wait looong enough, it starts
to play the video but 90 minute movie appears to be as only 5 minutes
I tried almost everything. Bought and ran CD cleaner many times,
uninstalled drivers and reinstalled. Installed new version of AllInOne
Codecs etc. but nothing helped. I was tired with this so I decided to
reinstall my PC and just to be sure, I also repartitioned the HD but
problem is not solved. By the way, the WinXP installation was done from
the same Combo device without a problem.
After reinstallation i downloaded and installed new firmware. I was not
sure, what version of firmware i do have so i just ran the firmware
downloaded but even this did not helped.
So, please, does anybody know what the problem is and how to solve it ?
Thanks in advance

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