Master volume control beeps the PC speaker

Master volume control beeps the PC speaker

Post by Peter Békés » Sat, 03 May 2003 05:00:40

Hi there,

I have WinXP SP1 with an SB Live! 5.1. Weeks ago, when I changed the master
volume thru the standard windows volume control I could hear a wav file
played at the actual volume from my desktop speakers connected to the sound
Then something happen and now every time I change the volume the PC speaker
beeps instead of the desktop speakers. When I run a program which uses the
volume settings I can hear the volume changing, so the volume control works
right, only I don't get the normal feedback.
I've just tried running Windows Update and it refreshed my sound drivers,
but nothing else changed.

How can I get rid of the beep (and get the old wave back)?

Thanks for any advice,


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Running Windows 2000.  The volume control in the taskbar
that beeps when you move the volume up and down and
release it.  When released the sound comes out the small
speaker that is in the tower instead of my normal
speakers.  Is there a registry setting that controls
this?  Oh also it is only with 1 logon.  If another
username logs on it works fine so it has to be in the
profile or the current user registry.  I would Apprectiate
any help.

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