direct x

direct x

Post by Peter Hutchiso » Mon, 18 Nov 2002 22:00:40

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002 07:31:59 -0800, "Hassan Green"

>Ahhhhhh. help me please, i used to have a copy of windows
>95, and recently purchased a new laptop with xp on it. I
>am struggling to connect my old hardware,( even through
>usb), do i need direct x? or does microsoft provide some
>sort of drivers page. I have a lacie burner & a microsoft
>usb intellimouse and a standard microsoft usb keyboard.
>none of which are recognised by xp. i also have
>an "internal" modem which is not picked up by xp, but
>works fine in 95. any hep please post....
>                        thanx
>                          :-)

When you have 95 on did you write down what hardware you had
installed? If so then you can visit each of the manufactuer's websites
and download drivers for them. MS does NOT provide a central place for
drivers, you have to visit them yourself.

Try and as well.

Peter Hutchison