Program crashing upon trying to attach or save

Program crashing upon trying to attach or save

Post by J. Jason Vodnansk » Thu, 22 May 2003 04:54:54

Anytime I try to save or attach a file to an e-mail, or to a location, upon
opening the pull-down menu located in the "Look in" dialog box where I can
browse to a location... (I hope you know what I mean)

My computer is freezing,*.  This happens in Outlook, and Word.  I
have not tried yet in other programs, but can say that if I try to browse to
a location and make any attempt at using the pulldown, that program
"appears" to hang, freeze, crash, you name it.

Ask me any question, I will get you the answer soon as I read the message.



1. Windows XP - Installer starts upon trying to open certain programs

Dear Support Community,

Hope, someone can help with Windows (XP) Installer
quirks! Whenever I tried to open the Program "Deja Vu"
from "Atril", the Windows Installer wanted to
install "Dell Picture Perfect", which was already
installed on my computer. After clicking "Cancel" 3
times, Deja Vu finally opened and worked without a hitch -
until the next new open, when the Windows Installer
reared its head for  a re-installation of "Dell Picture"
again - and so forth...

I finally de-installed the Dell Picture Program - now the
Windows Installer is quiet, when I open "Deja Vu"... But
that's not all.

I just installed MS "Picture It!" yesterday. And voila -
when McAfee wanted to update itself a little while ago,
the Windows Installer reared its head again and wanted to
re-install the 2nd CD of "MS Picture It!" I let it have
its way, still wants to keep re-installing it,though...

How and where can I change Windows Installer, so it
doesn't want to install an unrelated program, when I try
to open certain programs?

Your help would be highly appreciated!

Brigitte Burkert-Hinojos
German Translator
1.505.382.3910 (Voice)
1.505.382.3911 (Fax)

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